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Web 2.0

Valuing Good Design

photo credit: Jeremy Levine Design It’s important to have a common vision and shared values in a company like Pathfinder. We often talk internally about what we value. A frequent topic is valuing things that are designed as opposed to merely built. The obvious example is the iPad vs. the Android tablets emerging now. A more concrete, less virtual, example is a house. You may have experienced one where the whole and i
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Wireframing with incomplete requirements

The value of wireframing even with incomplete information The task of wireframing in application development, as I’ve come to know it, should begin after user research has been performed, and a complete set of requirements gathered.  But what happens when, for whatever reason, you just don’t have access to user research, or a full set of requirements?  What if all you have are some rather unspecific, vagu
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Signs of the Nextpocalypse

Q: What is the NewNet? a) The increasing prevalence user-generated information on the Internet b) Push-web triumphs over pull-web c.) Social media d) An attempt to sell subscriptions to Om Malik’s new “research” service Answer: d. GigaOm Pro: Fresh Internet buzzwords, unsullied by the taint of the latest crash. Can I have my Web 2.0 back, please?
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Facebook Connect

I’ve just come across Yahoo’s new home page, which features a clean streamlined look, the ability to add your favorite pages as links right on the homepage, and most interestingly, a module that gives you access to (a subset of) your Facebook account. This module, which appears when you hover your mouse over the Facebook link on the let hand side of the page, will–after sign in–open up your fa
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A New President, A New Whitehouse.gov

Change has come to America, and so, too has it come to whitehouse.gov, the official website of the President of the United States. One minute into the 44th Presidency, the website sports a radically new look (I’d love to hear how that was handled), and all the neccesary updates as a new administration moves in have already been made.   But the changes promise to be much more than cosmetic.  According to a state
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Google Health and the Changing Landscape of Healthcare Analytics

Google is at it again. Entire industries have sprung up around their search engine, adwords/adsense universe, and now they are set to do the same thing with healthcare data. One of the major barriers to entry for companies offering services around processing healthcare data has been access to data. Who has the data? Typically the insurance companies. At least they have it in the kind of quantities that makes doing se
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Web 2.0 Expo keynotes

I spent a lot of time at Web 2.0 Expo session-hopping - and a lot more time hanging in the speaker's lounge fine-tuning my own talk. That's the curse of going on the last day. You can't fully enjoy the...
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Web 1.0 to 2.0: What Kind of Application do you Have?

Of each particular thing ask: What is it in itself, what is its nature? -- Marcus Aurelius We get asked quite often to convert Web 1.0 applications into Web 2.0 applications. We do it so often that we've developed tools,...
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Two Years of Agile Ajax: Web Killed Off GUI Techniques Just in Time for Ajax to Need them Again

I launched this blog just a little over two years ago, on March 21st, 2006. Appropriately enough, my first post was about User Experience (UXD) and Ajax. The blog has come a long way since then -- we've added another...
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Stop, Reload, Error Loading Page 404: Converting Web 1.0 to 2.0

OK, onwards in our effort to convert Web 1.0 apps to Web 2.0. Today we'll focus on some of the differences between Web 1.0 and 2.0 from the user experience perspective. When we think about our web interface, we usually...
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