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Android: What I like about you

Anybody who has been to our office knows I am an Android fan. My prediction is that the Android platform will end up with a much, much larger install base than iPhone OS. Originally, I felt this way because you can get a Android phone on every carrier for a lower cost than the iPhone – many of them are now free with a contract. This is good enough, but I have a new insight. The Android OS does a great job of di
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Wireframing with incomplete requirements

The value of wireframing even with incomplete information The task of wireframing in application development, as I’ve come to know it, should begin after user research has been performed, and a complete set of requirements gathered.  But what happens when, for whatever reason, you just don’t have access to user research, or a full set of requirements?  What if all you have are some rather unspecific, vagu
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Facebook Connect

I’ve just come across Yahoo’s new home page, which features a clean streamlined look, the ability to add your favorite pages as links right on the homepage, and most interestingly, a module that gives you access to (a subset of) your Facebook account. This module, which appears when you hover your mouse over the Facebook link on the let hand side of the page, will–after sign in–open up your fa
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A First Impression of Flash Catalyst

Spent some time playing around with Flash Catalyst, which was released by Adobe as a public Beta yesterday. I downloaded it today and got started on some of the tutorials Adobe labs has put up. My impressions: It’s pretty neat stuff. I could see myself prototyping with it, although Keynote and Acrobat are my tools of choice at the moment. From my limited time working with it, Catalyst’s main function is t
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Upcoming Conference: FITC Chicago 2008, June 22-23

Another Chicago area conference coming up: FITC Chicago 2008, from June 22-23 at the Chicago City Centre Hotel & Sports Club, 300 E. Ohio. We’re even supporters. So what is it beyond the platitudinous “design and technology” event? Obviously there’s going to be lots of talk about how to develop Flex and Flash applications. Also how to develop online/offline apps with Adobe Air. Heck you
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.NET Interface does not allow static/const/readonly fields

In Java, it is perfectly fine to declare an interface with static-final properties as follows: public interface QuestionFactory { public static final int QTYPE_INPUT = 1; public static final int QTYPE_RADIO = 2; public static final int QTYPE_CHECKS = 3;...
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The Problem of Encoding H.264 In a Flash Client

Flash Player 9 introduced the ability to decode H.264 video format. However, it cannot encode video as H.264 (although it does encode as H.263). This is a problem for people who want to take advantage of H.264's ability to encode...
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.NET 3.5 Linq to Sql and IBatis.NET

I've been looking at some of the new features in the .NET 3.5 framework and have found Object Relation Mapping (ORM) very similar to IBatis.NET and NHibernate. In .NET 3.5, they use attribute based mapping between the underlying data table...
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Callback interfaces in Java == delegates in .NET (a Java developer's journey into .NET world)

After several years in Java/J2EE world, I recently started working on a .NET project. The motivation was to get to know the pros and cons of both world and leverage better ideas from each going forward. Having used Apache Commons/Collections...
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Qualification of a Pair Programmer: A Good Listener

Be a Good Listener. We've all heard this phrase. As I experienced recently, it applies readily to pair programming as well. I am currently helping a student learn Java while she is taking an algorithms class. Having had teaching experience...
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