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ZK 3.5 Released with Comet Support

ZK 3.5, the latest version of the server-side Ajax framework, is out with a raft of new features. Three of those features really stand out for me: Comet server push Customization of look and feel Performance monitoring Server push via polling has been available in ZK for a while, and Comet in the ZK “Enterprise Edition,” but now it is available to everyone. And it is pretty easy to use: “The impleme
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A New ZK Tutorial

There are already quite a few tutorials and mini talks on the ZK site, but one more never hurt. Over at Dr. Dobb's, Andrzej Sekula guides you through "Hello, World!" with ZK, while explaining architecture, features and few other things....
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Server-side Ajax Framework: IT Mill Toolkit 5, now with GWT

I've long been a proponent of server-side Ajax frameworks -- frameworks that store state on the server and use an Ajax engine in the browser to drive the display. The advantages: state and control logic stay on the server, so...
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ZK on Android

I'm glad that my Comp Sci classes were taught differently from my Art History courses, otherwise all I would remember is the hum of the slide projector and the taste of sleep in my mouth. Instead I remember the Bridge...
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ZK 3.0 Released

It's been a bit over a month and a half since ZK 3.0 RC was released and the ZK team has sure been busy. The list of new features is long, but has a surprisingly large number of them are...
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ZK 3.0 RC Released

One of the enduring criticisms of ZK, the server-side Ajax framework, has been against its perceived slow performance. Critics have observed, and supporters have conceded, that applications written with ZK seem a touch slow. So it's no surprise that a...
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ZK Integrates with Seam, Seasar, more

As an open source project, ZK is extremely active. It's enough to give you a warm and fuzzy feeling if you are concerned about it's long term viability. So, what's cooking in the ZK kitchen? Lots of integration with application...
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ZK 2.4.1 – Performance Improvements, Better Testing Support and YUI

The folks over at ZK have released 2.4.1, which contains a host of performance improvements, as well as better support for testing. From the announcement: The transmission time over the slow Internet connection is improved dramatically due to the use...
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Beefing Against OpenLaszlo

Elliotte Rusty Harold is a well know author on Java and XML. His take on OpenLaszlo is that it is a misuse of XML. OpenLaszlo seems like a confusing mix of JavaScript and XML. I never got clear on just...
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ZK 2.3.1 Released – Adds new CAPTCHA Component

ZK continues to kick Echo2's ass when it comes to releasing new versions. I know activity for activity's sake is not the point, but Echo2 has stagnated a bit while the Ajax world has marched steadily on. OK, enough about...
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