Pathfinder helps medical device firms leverage technology to create new products that achieve better, cost effective health outcomes. We save time by driving out patient, design, and requirements risk before development. Using automation and Verification Driven Development, we cut time and cost from projects. Learn More ›

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You know it really works. We laugh about it – we don’t even have to demo it, they just take it out of your hands and start using it.

– Susan McBride, Haemonetics Software Solutions

Their dedication made it obvious their goal was not simply to finish our project; they were invested in ensuring the success of our product and our company.  

– Alexis McCoy, Hunt Psychiatric Innovations

The quick development pace, thorough research and the understanding that Pathfinder offered really met our needs and our mission for the app we wanted to create and maintain for our membership

– Amanda Plummer, American Association of Critical Care Nurses

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