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Medical Devices

We build systems that integrate medical devices, sensors and diagnostics. Wired, wireless or bluetooth, we've got you covered.


We develop mobile apps to integrate with medical devices, collect patient data and build adherence and engagement.

Cloud Computing

We build HIPAA compliant cloud and server based solutions that integrate medical devices and sensors, mobile apps and clinical systems.

Connected Care

We are experts at building connected care systems that fall under FDA and EU quality systems regulations.
Wearable Sensor Based Remote Cardiac Monitoring and Heart Attack Prediction SystemSystem for real-time cardiac monitoring, prediction and prevention of heart attachs, including wearable sensors for EKG and vital signs monitoring, low energy bluetooth transmition
Medication Optimization and Real-time Monitoring for ADHD

This system provides real-time monitoring of symptoms, side effects, and medication response as well as analysis to enable improved treatment options.

Technology used

iOS, Android, HIPAA-compliant

Advanced Telehealth System for Recovery from Major Operations

Comprehensive system for peri-operative and transitional care management to improve health outcomes and prevent hospital readmissions. Major elements include monitoring, education, nursing interactions and


We love hearing about new connected device projects, and we love sharing  our approach and lessons learned.
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