August 2007

An Event Apart: Wrap-Up

The dust has cleared from An Event Apart Chicago 2007. Now that I've gotten the basic reportage out of the way (here and here), on to the editorial page. Three things I loved The wide range of topics: Despite increasing...
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We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Requirements

The other day I was reviewing a statement of work for a potential project when the client came to the line item allocating time for requirements. Oh, the client stated, we don't need to gather requirements. We do Agile development....
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The Rails Edge: Notes

Some thoughts and comments on the goings-on at Pragmatic Studio's Rails Edge conference last week: There seemed to be a general sense among all the speakers that Rails is starting to mature -- at least in the sense that nobody...
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BJAX: A Quick Hack for Using GWT with Bookmarklets

BJAX = Browser Extensions + Ajax I've continued my explorations on how to use GWT in unconventional ways, starting with how to load a GWT application through a bookmarklet. That's been made much easier with GWT 1.4 through the introduction...
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An Event Apart Chicago: Day 2

Tuesday saw the conclusion of An Event Apart Chicago 2007, the two-day web-development conference from the folks at A List Apart. Here's my sequel to yesterday's day-one overview. I'll be back Friday with analysis and afterthoughts. Jeremy Keith, author of...
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An Event Apart Chicago: Day 1

The folks from A List Apart rolled into town yesterday for An Event Apart Chicago 2007, a two-day web-development conference. Around 500 programmers, designers and information architects flocked to the seventh floor of the downtown Mariott for a varied slate...
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The Rails Edge: Quotes and Notes

Last week I attended Pragmatic Studio’s “The Rails Edge” conference in Skokie, IL. I’m going to do a couple of posts on this. For the first post, I thought I’d present some of the best quotes that I noted from...
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Higher Order JavaScript

In computability theory the Church–Turing thesis (also known as Church's thesis, Church's conjecture and Turing's thesis) is a hypothesis about the nature of computers, such as a digital computer or a human with a pencil and paper following a set...
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Developer's Notebook: Useful OO JavaScript resources

My post about learning to organize classes without the semantic sugar of Prototype earned me some wide-ranging comments here and on Ajaxian. My favorite was Isaac Z. Schlueter Matthew Smith's proposal of a new framework: JLJ (Just Learn JavaScript). To...
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Aejaks 0.5 Integrates Echo2Extras

Aejaks, a Tcl/Tk style framework built on top of Echo2, has a new version out: 0.5, now considered Beta. What's in the new release? Echo2 Extras widgets - MenuBar, Drag/Drop, TabPane, TransitionPane, etc. Echo2 Chart widget Echo2 FileTransfer widget &...
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