September 2007

Lessons Learned From Domain Modeling

There are many lessons I've learned as a result of working in a more domain-driven way. My recent work on the UI front has highlighted a few ideas that are just as applicable to other areas of application development (outside...
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Chaos and Order

The process of designing (guis/websites/apps what have you) can be very exciting, and ultimately, when a design goes well and achieves its purpose, it can be highly rewarding. But it's also a challenge. Every designer has their own set of...
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jQuery 1.2: A host of upgrades, but still no global effects queue

JQuery 1.2 is upon us and, as usual, there's already tons of carping discussion in the comments section of Ajaxian. I took a wander through the 1.2 release notes and the source code, and while I'm impressed with many of...
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MyGWT Widget Library

I just came across the MyGWT widget library, a collection of good looking additions to the basic GWT widgets. From the site: MyGWT is an open source Java library for the Google Web Toolkit. The library helps developers easily create...
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Really Simple History: Onwards and upwards

I'm excited to announce that I've heard the call and volunteered to tackle maintenance and stewardship of Really Simple History, Brad Neuberg's intuitive, lightweight Ajax history library. Brad developed RSH a couple of years ago, drawing inspiration from the Dojo...
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CSS 3: Multi-column Layout vs. Advanced Layout

My colleague Sholom Sandalow's post about multi-column layout in CSS 3 drew a lot of comments and remains one of our most popular articles two months after publication. Folks are obviously hungry for discussion about the future of CSS. Yet...
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Parsing HTML with innerHTML

Yes, yes, innerHTML is "the debil." Direct DOM manipulation is much to be preferred. It's faster, smells less, and gives you shiny white teeth. But innerHTML, when combined with XHR, can allow you to scrape data from the existing HTML...
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GWT: Better Layouts Through Subclassing

Here's a way to handle your layouts a little differently in GWT. Let's go beyond the canned tutorials that feature a single Panel layout and imagine the following structure. Here we are using a DockPanel as a top-level container, with...
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Agile, The Control Paradox, and the Boring Software Manifesto

I'm probably not getting the quote quite right, but supposedly at one point during the C3 payroll project where XP was created, a developer said that it was so easy to make changes to C3 that they could turn it...
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Thinking like a designer isn't always good

When designing, I frequently find myself thinking like a designer. I ask questions that a designer asks. I attempt to find clever design solutions to issues I have uncovered while wearing my designer’s hat. I rely on design principles to...
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