Yet Another 17 GWT Tutorials

Half a year has passed since I published 36 GWT Tutorials. As expected, several new tutorials have come along that demonstrate deeper, more sophisticated aspects of the framework, as well as addressing specific IDE's and libraries.

  1. Ryan Heaton is doing some great work in his blog. This tutorial jams together enunciate (a "convention over configuration" web services deployment framework), maven 2, GWT and Flex to develop an address book application that combines GWT and Flash. Sample code can be checked out from SVN.
  2. "Hello World" with IDEA - the first of several GWT tutorials over at Generously illustrated.
  3. Managing History and Hyperlink - thorough explanation of the GWT History mechanism, illustrated with a code-rich example.
  4. Deploying GWT Apps - extensive tutorial that looks at many different ways to deploy GWT Apps -- as a part of a WAR, independently, using cross site scripting, into an existing web page, etc. Has a healthy amount of code and examples (though they haven't figured out how to JSONP with GWT).
  5. Using Servlet Sessions in GWT - simple illustration, using a Weather-by-zipcode example, of how to store state on the server using Servlet sessions.
  6. Using and creating modules - building modules -- essentially libraries that can be included in other projects -- with GWT. Has an IDEA focus.
  7. GWT Object Serialization - more than just a GWT-RPC tutorial. This one looks at the serializable types that need to be passed via GWT-RPC, serializable collections, and the annotations that make it all work.
  8. Building a GWT RPC Service - basic but well written GWT-RPC app that shows how to implement a string reverser service.
  9. Anatomy of a GWT Project - a thorough look at where in the project hierarchy GWT artifacts live. Short but educational.
  10. Setup GWT in IDEA 7 - since the old GWT in IDEA demo videos were released, IDEA 7 has been released. This tutorials updates you on how to use the GWT Facet.
  11. Introduction to GWT - you won't have built anything after this overview, but you'll have a solid understanding of EntryPoints and all the other arcana that goes into making a GWT app.
  12. GWT Solution #6: Drag and drop - an excerpt from David Geary's GWT: More Cool & Useful Stuff.
  13. Getting started with GWT and Google Gears - Chris Fong shows how to use Google Gears in this short tutorial by adapting his GSudokr app.
  14. Hand-On Google Web Toolkit - a tutorial over at Dr. Drobb's that builds a Flickr image album viewer. Nice, since it is non-trivial and demonstrates proxying a service (Flickr) through a server.
  15. Introduction to the Google Web Toolkit Framework - walks through several examples using Netbeans 6.0.
  16. A Basic Introduction to GWT and EXT - GWTEXT is one of several GWT/EXT JS integration modules. True to its title, basic, but does get you set up and ready to go with something more serious.
  17. Building Offline Applications with Google Gears and Google Web Toolkit - Google Gears, GWT and Apache Axis, This is perhaps the best tutorial here and develops the most directly useful application. Bangin'.

I myself am working on a more extensive tutorial to demonstrate porting a Web 1.0 app to GWT. Stay tuned.

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