Cloud Computing

VGBio’s Vitalink: Predictive Analytics for Remote Patient Monitoring

One of the reasons VGBio is one of Pathfinder’s favorite clients is because they show how four of the most powerful technology trends affecting healthcare (body area sensor networks, smartphones, cloud computing and big data/predictive analytics) can be used together to reduce costs and improve outcomes.  VGBio technology enables the daily monitoring of patients with chronic diseases and provides
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VGBio Vitalink: Wearable Sensors, Mobile Apps and Predictive Analytics in Healthcare

One of the trends from the 2012 MHealth Summit I briefly touched on last week was the growing number of bluetooth and wifi enabled wearable medical devices.  I think this trend will become extremely important over the next few years.  Body Area Sensor Networks combine pervasive wireless networks, small non-invasive sensors and ultra-low power consumption chips to enable the continuous collection of physiolo
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Getting CloudTools to Work with Grails 1.1.1

photo credit: ┬░Florian Yes, Cloud Foundry has been acquired by Spring Source and seems to be morphing into a for-pay service, and there hasn’t been a new build packaged on the Cloud Tools project page since January of 2009, but if you dig in the SVN repo, you see there’s a bit of activity. Before I try building from source, I wanted to see how hard it would be to get 0.6 Grails plugin working with a Grail
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News Rollup for the Week of November 17, 2008

Two major bits of news from this week: Amazon has gone live with their new CDN (Content Delivery Network), CloudFront. Think Akamai for the rest of us. Pay as you go, hooks into S3. If you want to get a jump start on this, get yourself the latest version (0.4.5) of S3Fox, the S3 addon for FireFox. Getting started is easy: sign up for CloudFront (or sign up for Amazon Web Services if you haven’t already, then si
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Everything's Coming Up Windows

I’ve been beating the drum of cloud computing and the advantage that it gives to companies building solutions on Linux. Microsoft needed to respond. Well, now we have two solutions for Windows on demand: Amazon EC2 is offering Windows on EC2, with the pricing at $0.125 per hour for a small instance running Windows Server (as compared to $0.10 for a Linux instance). You can run SQL Server Express at no extra cha
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Microsoft to Jump on Board EC2

Hold on to your hats; Microsoft has just made a radical change in business model. A couple of months ago I wrote about the competitive advantage that firms using Linux and Amazon’s EC2 cloud computing had over their competitors. Server-on-demand providers like Amazon’s EC2, Joyent, and others have reduced the capital necessary to launch scalable, server intensive businesses. Google has just launched a sim
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