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To the Moon: an iPhone with Wheels

photo credit: musiciennedusilence A friend of mine from college is a physics professor who does a lot of stuff with the space station and the new Google Lunar X Prize, that awards up to $30 million for the first non-governmental organization to land a robot on the moon. He likes to get his students involved and has a gift for expressing things in terms they can immediately grasp. “The robot,” he tells the
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iPad: How big is the space between laptops and iPhones?

Laptops are a strange, inefficient tradeoff between an iPhone’s portability and a desktop’s capabilities. They don’t satisfy either need extremely well, but they’re much closer to desktops than they are to iPhones. The usefulness and portability gap between a laptop and an iPhone is staggeringly vast … Ergonomics are awful unless you effectively turn them into desktops with stands and external peripherals. But
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iPad: Instant Reaction to Apple's Tablet Event

I just finished looking at a couple of live blogs on Apple’s big iPad event, flipping back and forth between Macworld and Ubergizmo’s coverage. While initial reaction has been all over the map, mine is overwhelmingly positive. I think they hit a grand slam. Here’s why: 1. There are lots of reasons why a tablet is a better mobile device than a laptop or a netbook. 2. The price is right (Starts at $49
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Apple Earnings Call: 90% of iPhone Apps Approved within 2 Weeks

Anther interesting item from yesterday’s earnings call: Over 90% of iPhone apps are approved within 14 days of submission. Given over 100,000 apps in the store from a wide variety of developers (from amateurs to experts) and a wide variety of topics, that’s actually pretty good. Apple claims that most rejections are actually for bugs in code, which makes sense given the wide disparity in development quali
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Apple's Earnings Call: Enterprise iPhone Adoption Growth

Macworld’s Coverage of Apple’s Quarterly Results and Finance Call had some interesting news on continued enterprise iPhone adoption: The iPhone is ranked #1 in customer satisfaction in J.D. Powers’ survey. Corporate clients have doubled. 70% of Fortune 100 are actively piloting or deploying iPhone. About 50% of FT 100 are doing the same. Not bad given that Apple has only been in this business for 2.5 years. Thi
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Sanity Amid the Tablet Hype

As January 26th, the rumored date for Apple’s rumored tablet unveiling draws near, the hype and anti-hype keeps getting more and more over the top: Five Ways Apple’s Tablet May Change the World The world doesn’t need an Apple tablet, or any other and the inevitable 3 Reasons A Microsoft-HP Tablet PC Would Trump Apple If you want to keep up to date on the rumors, Gizmodo has a regularly updated run-d
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Prediction: The Teens will be the Decade of Mobile

photo credit: matsuyuki I’ve made my fair share of predictions, and this may seem to be a layup, but I think it’s a prediction worth making anyway: mobile devices and applications will transform business and every day life in the next decade. Why does this seem like such a layup? Well, look at the iPhone and the ecosystem of applications and companies springing up around it. Android and Blackberry are try
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Coming Soon: Android Wireless Application Development Review

Just got my hands on a copy of Android, Wireless Application Development by Conder and Darcey and have been working my way through the first three chapters (really, the actual development starts in chapter 3).So far so good. Some of the pseudo JVM (Dalvik) takes a little bit of getting used to, but it’s not really that bad. I’d say that the real thing that pops out at me is that I want a way of developing
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Chiphone Meeting: Chicago iPhone user group gets its TDD on

Eric Smith from 8th light gave a hands-on TDD presentation at last night’s Chiphone meeting, hosted at Obtiva’s downtown office, (conveniently located near the the train). There was a good crowd of people, most attendees have ‘played around’ with iphone development, 4 have actively developed apps (3 people have live apps in the store).  From my quick survey of those that have submitted apps, i
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What will Happen to a Giant

Although I’ve seen so many players rise and fall over the years, what has inspired this post is the irony of what is happening to Microsoft. In the early years of my technology career it was Microsoft’s ownership of the PC O/S market that primarily allowed other compatible hardware manufacturers to create innovation and eventually marginalize IBM’s dominance of that market. In the early years of PCs, the applications
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