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Product Strategy

The Research-Product Gap

What I will talk about at DRC is the ‘research-product’ gap. I just gave a talk at the Stanford D School about some of these issues. I discussed the research-product gap. This didn’t concern them. I said that if they were not interested in how their work got into a product, they were wasting their time. “And they said, ‘We’re just doing the research, we’re not responsible for the product.’ And
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Talking Innovation with Allscripts, Allstate, Alcatel-Lucent and Wheels, Inc.

One of the exciting things about the Lean Startup approach is that it’s applicable not just to startups, but to innovation within large companies. As part of TechWeek, Pathfinder has organized a panel of “intrapreneurs” – entrepreneurs within larger companies who are charged with innovation and creating new products and services. In this case, the companies are all quite large, ranging from $1
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A Simple Way to Use Aspirational Thinking to Elevate Your Product Design

Your desire is to make a great product. Or take an existing product to the next level. It’s great to have the intention, but how do you put that intention into motion? Here is a simple exercise that you can try. Instead of thinking of the details of what might improve your product, simply consider your product as an “environment” or a place people go to get some kind of value. Try filling in the following sentences:
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Use “Made to Stick” Principles to Improve Your Product Design

For anyone involved in product design, I highly recommend the book Made to Stick by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. The book does a great job of explaining 6 principles that characterize products that “stick” in the minds of customers. The principles are: Simple Unexpected Concrete Credible Emotional Stories For product designers, these principles are great tools for improving your product design. Much of what makes a desi
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Asymco on Apple, Android and Mobile Disruption

I’ve been reading a lot of Asymco since John Gruber linked from Daring Fireball a few weeks ago. Great analysis illustrated with lots of graphs. Take a look at this one, from Android’s Pursuit of the Biggest Loser: I thought these were great points: Speed. This shift of profit occurred over an unprecedentedly short period of time. Three years is no more than two product cycles in the industry and it’s an
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Should the iPad be in your Product Strategy?

Chicago hosted it’s first Product Camp last month, and Bob Moll and I put together a presentation entitled “Should the iPad be in your Product Strategy.” Bob ended up covering for me on the day of the presentation, and the feedback has been great, including requests to do the presentation at some fairly well known companies. Take a look, and let us know what you think. If you’re looking at thi
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Rapid Product Design for the iPad

Like the iPhone, the iPad inspires ideas for products. But can you turn your idea into a viable product? We have developed a set of rapid design templates that guide some of the creative and critical thinking processes behind good product design. You can download the templates for free for use in designing your own products. Download iPad Rapid Product Design Templates
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Templates for Rapid Product Design

I had the opportunity to speak last night to the first meeting of the Chicago Product Managers Association (ChiPMA) meetup group (www.meetup.com/chipma). We had pizza, beverages and a great group of about 15 people looking to learn about and share product management experiences. The presentation centered on six techniques for quickly creating and communicating ideas using visual templates. You can download the templa
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Who values your product and do you value them?

photo credit: victoriapeckham We have reached the most critical point on a project I’m working on. After a few months we think we know enough about the domain and application to build a product road map that will take us to the first public release. The proof of concept is complete. The design team has created a remarkable, genera changing product. Additionally, the system is designed around real users we have
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Contrasting Apple and Microsoft's Product Strategy: A Tale of Two Spills

Daring Fireball had another insightful article on the contrasting product strategies of Microsoft and Apple last week. Well worth a read in it’s entirety if you’re thinking about your own product strategy. A few observations were particularly trenchant and relevant to me in light of my own recent experience: Microsoft is no longer ignoring Apple’s market share gains and successful “Get a Mac” ad campaign.
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