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Agile in FDA Regulated Medical Software – Functional Testing vs Technical Testing

Testing is a crucial part of all software development. If you don’t believe this you are likely just starting your career or haven’t had to support an application in production with users.  It becomes doubly important in regulated environments like the ones for medical devices. This is because testing for regulated software serves multiple purposes. There is the usual software product development reasons
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Starting a Software Product Company? Pitfalls to Avoid

Although there are many more pitfalls, I’m only going mention three. Feel free to add your own. The good news is that all of these risks are manageable. Staff User Acceptance Testing Carefully Startups are often based on the vision of a single person. As the old saying goes, vision is necessary but insufficient for creating success. It would be unusual for any one person to have all of the skills needed. Agile
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Testing HTML Emails Across E-Mail Clients w/ OpenSSL, Sendmail, and Terminal

Note: this is an OSX tutorial. About every application with customers needs to send customers email. Some are newsletters, others are invoices, sometimes the application needs to send an alert. One thing is certain though – testing is a pain. I’m talking cross-client testing. Sure, it’s easy to look at a webpage in IE7-8, Firefox, and Chrome – but it isn’t as much of a no-brainer when it
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Apple Earnings Call: 90% of iPhone Apps Approved within 2 Weeks

Anther interesting item from yesterday’s earnings call: Over 90% of iPhone apps are approved within 14 days of submission. Given over 100,000 apps in the store from a wide variety of developers (from amateurs to experts) and a wide variety of topics, that’s actually pretty good. Apple claims that most rejections are actually for bugs in code, which makes sense given the wide disparity in development quali
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Upgrading Rails Applications – Some things to keep in mind!

So we just went through this humongous (believe me!) effort of upgrading the technical platform for one of our existing Rails applications that was running Rails 2.1, Ruby 1.7 and Mongrel cluster. The goal was to upgrade to Rails 2.3, Enterprise Ruby 1.8.6 and Passenger. It all started out as well as you would think. Updating the Rails gem, Ruby version, installing/configuring Passenger and updating relevant gems was
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Rails DateTime.to_time, Time, and a case of 'Why do you need to do that?'

The problem: I needed to display a warning to a user if the data they were looking at was more than 90 days old. The solution: Create a method that takes 2 dates (either DateTime or Time), and returns the number of days, or hours between them. def self.difference_in_dates(date1, date2, unit = 1.day) return nil if date1.nil? || date2.nil? || unit == 0 (( date1.to_time - date2.to_time ) / unit).round.abs end The proble
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edge case city: requirements and testing dates for HR business logic

edge case city: requirements and testing dates for HR business logic We have an internal application that does staffing, time entry, and now Paid Time Off (PTO) accrual, scheduling and management. It is quite nice, as it has replaced three existing systems, and replaced a number of manual, tedious tasks. I started it last year, as our current system was very inefficient. It was a simple Ruby on Rails app that I was a
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Rails Test Prescriptions to be Published by Pragmatic

Rails Test Prescriptions, the eBook put out by Noel Rappin, Director of Rails Development at Pathfinder, has been picked up by Pragmatic. Congratulations to Noel – he’s done a great job of furthering testing best practices in rails, and this is a great reward. As he said “I’m very excited by this. I’ve wanted to work with Pragmatic for as long as they’ve been publishing books, and I’m thrilled that
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Javascript debugging and testing in the wild (Prototype bug when using array.flatten in IE)

I had to dig into a production issue the other day that presented itself like this: There was a piece of javascript code that iterated over some dom elements, gathered ids into 2 arrays, ran a validation check, and then flattened the arrays to add them to the url. On firefox, opera, and chrome this was working correctly, and had been tested by the developers, but on IE 7 it isn’t working, and the problem wasn&#
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Functional Testing Annoyances, Wapcaplet, And You

Here’s a minor thing that bugs me all the time. I’m writing a functional test: should "do something functional" get :search, :order_id => @order.id, :user_id => @user.id # and so on end The get call in that test simulates a browser request. Intuitively, you would (well, I would) expect this request to be identical to a request coming from the actual view, via a helper like link_to("search", :action => :se
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